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    Pets and COVID-19

    Jul 02 2020

    With over 9 million cases reported globally, COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives. While there’s no evidence that animals playing a significant role in spreading the virus, the FDA is…

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    Summer Heat: Thunderstorms and Fireworks!

    Jun 25 2020

    Summer is here! And so too are thunderstorms and fireworks—which may cause fear and anxiety with your dog. Those booming fireworks and natural “light shows” may be fun for you to watch, but…

  • Ultrasound use in Beef Herds

    Sep 30 2015

    As we enter the fall season, many ranchers are beginning their fall herd work regimens. Preconditioning calves, weaning calves, and pregnancy examinations are in full swing. As we develop new tools…